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Here's where you'll find the latest news about what's going on within ORRA and Old Ratton. Do please check out the ORRA Facebook page, though, for all updates.


In view of the very small response to attending a wine and cheese evening on Tuesday 20th December the ORRA committee have decided, with regret, to cancel the event. The committee are sorry to disappoint those who did register to attend and thank them for their support.

Street Cleaning

The street cleaning company, County Clean, will be in Old Ratton on Monday 5th December, sweeping the streets and gullies down Linkway and on down Ratton Drive.

It would be really helpful if everyone could move their cars in order to ensure that the streets are swept properly.

Road Closure

Please note that the junction between Manor Way and Ratton Drive will be closed on 24th and 25th November 2022 in order for OpenReach to undertake maintenance to existing telephone lines. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Next Meeting of the Ratton Neighbourhood Panel

Information Needed:

It would be really helpful to have some feedback from residents about bringing hyperfast broadband into Ratton. Even if you are generally in favour, I'm sure you have some concerns : the trees, driveways etc. Please let me know so that the Working Party and the Committee can try to address these concerns with companies who might wish to provide the service here in Ratton. We can't properly represent you if we don't know your concerns. Please email me at with any thoughts on these matters. I will make sure these issues are considered by the working party and the committee.

A Working Party:

The ORRA Committee have set up a Working Party to examine the option of providing superfast broadband here in Old Ratton.

The group had its first meeting on 3rd November and will be approaching all residents over the next few months to find out exactly what you think.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns about the possibility of a fibre broadband company bringing this utility to the estate then please email the webmaster on . Positive or negative, the Working Party will try to take all views into account.

Meanwhile keep an eye on the website and on the ORRA Facebook page for updates and information.

Partnership with LACON Property Management

Dear Resident ,


Partnership working between ORRA and Lacon Property Management 

We are writing to advise you that with effect from 1st November 2022 the Directors and Committee of ORRA have taken the decision to appoint Lacon Property Management to work with them to protect and preserve the character and amenities in the private roads and areas that form part of this beautiful and historic estate. 

Lacon will work closely with residents, whether freeholders or tenants, to assist in their compliance with the Residents’ Charter and Memorandum of Understanding. They will also act as the first point of contact for residents in dealing with any day to day issues you may have. They are contactable by phone 01424 219848, by email: or via their website at 

As explained at the AGM, and in a letter sent to all residents in July, the appointment is for a trial period of one year. The cost for this year will be covered by ORRA funds. If the arrangement becomes permanent the modest additional cost will be added to the annual maintenance charge. 

By way of introduction Liz Bedwell will be your designated point of contact at Lacon Property Management. 

We wish to assure you that Lacon will be responsive and pro-active in their provision of services to you and will take their instructions from the Committee. 

Yours faithfully,
ORRA Committee and Lacon Property Management 

Hill Climbing Event

Lightning Fibre Update

On Tuesday 6th September meeting was held by Lightning Fibre at St Mary’s church hall for the purpose of informing residents of Old Ratton and surrounding roads of the potential benefits of their service and the implications for its installation. 

Regrettably attendance was disappointing with only about 20 homes represented; however four members of the ORRA committee were present. It was clear from both Lightning’s presentation and questions from the floor that a considerable number of issues are involved in bringing such a service to the estate - no matter how appealing the benefits of the technology appear. 


The purpose of the Old Ratton Residents Association is to preserve the  character and amenity of our environment and in particular the attractive “street scene”. 

Since installation of the service has the potential to be harmful to this objective - in particular with regard to trees, driveways and verges your     committee needs time to review every aspect of the work involved and the effect it may have on any individual resident’s land.


Whilst the committee recognises that this technology is an important part of a developing and modern economy, this work can’t be rushed through and we are assured by Lightning Fibre that there is no immediate deadline for a decision. As a committee of only six members we would appreciate the contribution of anyone who would like to volunteer to assist in making this assessment. 


The ORRA Committee

The Latest Ratton and District Neighbourhood Panel Meeting

Many of you will be interested in this!

The Committee will attend this meeting, listen to the presentation, pose questions and get feedback from residents in order to come to a considered conclusion - this will then be communicated with residents so that a final decision can be arrived at. 

A letter from the Committee following the recent AGM:

This is a letter that has been delivered to all residents but is published here for all to see.

Dear Resident 

We are all aware that the demographics of Old Ratton have changed markedly in recent years. There are more residents who have busy working lives rather than retirees; there are more children now living on the estate. If we look at this trend in the round it is a good thing as it makes the community more broadly based. However, it does pose problems in terms of finding enough volunteers with enough spare time to run the Association. As the AGM approached we knew that our Chairman Rose Kiley and a former Treasurer Angela Potter were about to retire. We thank them for their many years of dedicated service. Their departures mean that the Committee is now made up of a very small number of volunteers. 

With no additional volunteers stepping forward the situation was untenable. The Committee therefore decided that it is necessary to recognise and adapt to these new circumstances. It is empowered by the Constitution to seek administrative support from a professional company. Nevertheless the proposition to appoint an Estate Management company was also put to a vote at the recent AGM on 19th May. It was passed unanimously by those residents who attended. The company will take over the day to day running of the Association and act as intermediary between residents and the Committee. The company would work to the Committee’s brief and all financial and policy decisions would remain with your representatives in line with the ORRA constitution. 

The likely cost implications were discussed and recognised as inevitable because all previous work of this nature has been effectively free - carried out by the volunteers. However the fees proposed by the company were felt to be reasonable with a likely average per home to be in the region of £30 per annum this year. The Committee proposed that a trial period of one year would be appropriate and furthermore - as funds currently permit - there would not be any cost increase to residents for the trial period. 

The Committee will now develop the detailed work of building a precise set of instructions and parameters for the Management Company’s responsibilities before they are officially appointed. We will endeavour to complete the process as soon as possible. In the interim the contact method for residents regarding any matters arising will be by email to:- 

An increase of 10% to the annual charge for next year was also agreed at the AGM because of general rising costs of which we are all aware. It will therefore be necessary to review that increase once again if the trial with the management company is deemed successful. 

Although the way in which ORRA will be run has to change, the objectives remain the same - to maintain standards in line with the constitution that preserves and makes our estate a pleasant and attractive environment in which to live for the benefit of everyone and the community as a whole. 

The Committee. 

Footnote. Even with professional assistance the Committee will still need volunteers to ensure that the work of the Association can function effectively and has successors ready to replace any who stand down. Anyone with a legal or planning background would be especially helpful. If you are interested please write to the email address above. 

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