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The Latest Ratton and District Neighbourhood Panel Meeting

Many of you will be interested in this!

The Committee will attend this meeting, listen to the presentation, pose questions and get feedback from residents in order to come to a considered conclusion - this will then be communicated with residents so that a final decision can be arrived at. 

A letter from the Committee following the recent AGM:

This is a letter that has been delivered to all residents but is published here for all to see.

Dear Resident 

We are all aware that the demographics of Old Ratton have changed markedly in recent years. There are more residents who have busy working lives rather than retirees; there are more children now living on the estate. If we look at this trend in the round it is a good thing as it makes the community more broadly based. However, it does pose problems in terms of finding enough volunteers with enough spare time to run the Association. As the AGM approached we knew that our Chairman Rose Kiley and a former Treasurer Angela Potter were about to retire. We thank them for their many years of dedicated service. Their departures mean that the Committee is now made up of a very small number of volunteers. 

With no additional volunteers stepping forward the situation was untenable. The Committee therefore decided that it is necessary to recognise and adapt to these new circumstances. It is empowered by the Constitution to seek administrative support from a professional company. Nevertheless the proposition to appoint an Estate Management company was also put to a vote at the recent AGM on 19th May. It was passed unanimously by those residents who attended. The company will take over the day to day running of the Association and act as intermediary between residents and the Committee. The company would work to the Committee’s brief and all financial and policy decisions would remain with your representatives in line with the ORRA constitution. 

The likely cost implications were discussed and recognised as inevitable because all previous work of this nature has been effectively free - carried out by the volunteers. However the fees proposed by the company were felt to be reasonable with a likely average per home to be in the region of £30 per annum this year. The Committee proposed that a trial period of one year would be appropriate and furthermore - as funds currently permit - there would not be any cost increase to residents for the trial period. 

The Committee will now develop the detailed work of building a precise set of instructions and parameters for the Management Company’s responsibilities before they are officially appointed. We will endeavour to complete the process as soon as possible. In the interim the contact method for residents regarding any matters arising will be by email to:- 

An increase of 10% to the annual charge for next year was also agreed at the AGM because of general rising costs of which we are all aware. It will therefore be necessary to review that increase once again if the trial with the management company is deemed successful. 

Although the way in which ORRA will be run has to change, the objectives remain the same - to maintain standards in line with the constitution that preserves and makes our estate a pleasant and attractive environment in which to live for the benefit of everyone and the community as a whole. 

The Committee. 

Footnote. Even with professional assistance the Committee will still need volunteers to ensure that the work of the Association can function effectively and has successors ready to replace any who stand down. Anyone with a legal or planning background would be especially helpful. If you are interested please write to the email address above. 

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