The Origins and Purpose


The Old Ratton Residents' Association was formed in 1968 to take over certain environmental responsibilities from the Ratton Estate Company Ltd. when it liquidated its business. The original members resided in Walnut Tree Walk, The Grove, The Close and Manor Way. Linkway and some houses in Upper Ratton Drive joined later.

The founders of the Association so appreciated the unique attractiveness of Old Ratton that they firmly rejected seeking adoption by the local authority as this would have required the roads being brought up to standard with the Private Streets Works procedure. A complete change in appearance of the area would have resulted and its village-like character destroyed. Such work would have been at the expense of the frontages and it would have been expensive then and prohibitive now.

The Eastbourne Borough Council includes Ratton as one of the four areas of high township value, which is testimony enough to the stewardship of the Association over 44 years.

The Association's constitution places the ultimate control in the hands of members and entrusts the management to an elected committee. A copy of the constitution is provided to all members and for all new residents. (It is also available on this website by clicking on the menu to the left.


The responsibilities of the Association are for the repair, maintenance and proper order of the roads, the pruning of the communal trees and clearance of soakaways.

In return the residents have covenanted in the deeds of their properties to accept certain obligations, including the following:

  • To pay their dues for the cost of the maintenance work,
  • To obtain the prior approval of the Association for external alterations and additions to their property,
  • To keep their gardens clean and tidy,
  • To restrict the height of boundary hedges and fences to six feet,
  • Not to carry out a business from their property,
  • To obtain agreement to place temporary structures, including caravans on their land.

The best assurance for the continued care of our beautiful surroundings is a strong Association having the active support of all residents. It is also essential in helping to maintain the value and saleability of all our properties.

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Old Ratton Residents' Association