Medical Matters

On this page we have tried to include key information for new residents about the local services available through the NHS. The GP Services represent those who will take new patients from Old Ratton, by virtue of their catchment areas.

By clicking on the images below, you will be taken to key websites that provide you with comprehensive information about the facility.

Eastbourne General Hospital (DGH)

Eastbourne General Hospital (DGH) is the main hospital in the area and as you will see, if you click on the picture above, it provides many of the facilities one might need in a community.

GP Surgeries

Victoria Medical Centre is possibly the nearest GP surgery and is a multi-doctor practice. Click on the picture to the left to go straight to the Green Street website.




Manor Park Medical Practice is situated in Polegate, just north of Ratton, travelling towards the A27 and A22. This too is a multi-doctor practice Click on the picture to the right to go straight to the Manor Park website.

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